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It has never been so easy to access marketing platforms, but it has, equally, never been so difficult to be seen.

This is the inconvenient truth of marketing within the digital age. Because Sproute values, above all, genuine connection and transparent communication, when you commit to growing your marketing presence with us, we will always be honest with you about the realities of the online environment.

Three common marketing myths:

  • 1. It is enough to produce content in order to keep your presence growing 

    It is no longer enough to simply be producing content. This content needs to be highly targeted, consistent, authentic and valuable to your audience. In addition, actively being social online is vital to ensuring your audience feels connected with, inspired by, and loyal to your business journey.

  • 2. You should see an instant and direct return-on-investment for every ad you put out 

    While direct and instant ROIs are possible and, of course, DO occur, this is not the best way to understand your online marketing strategy. Rather, you need to be considering your online presence for the long-term: are you showing up for your business’ future, today? Are you laying the groundwork for a sustainable and expansive presence?

    Most importantly: do you have enough points-of-contact to ensure your audience is constantly engaging with new material from you brand (and thereby, moving along the right stepping stones to reach a conversion)?

    This broader perspective is the best way to understand your investment in the digital world.

  • 3. Outsourcing digital marketing means you can forget about this aspect of your business, and focus purely on other areas

    While outsourcing your digital marketing coordination is a fantastic way to ensure 1) the right expertise are in play, 2) an entrepreneurial touch is being brought to your marketing presence, and 3) your schedule is opened up for other tasks, it DOES NOT mean you can simply let it run along without you.

Audiences are tired of propaganda-style marketing, with advertisements aimed at a direct sell being immediately disregarded as unnecessary noise. Because of this, Sproute positions itself as a key partner in facilitating your online success. Our approach asks for your commitment in showing up for your audience and sharing your behind-the-scenes business approach, philosophy, and lifestyle.


Bottom-line? To get ahead of the trends, you need to be ready to create a story with real substance, variety, and creativity. It is your role to show up for that story – it is our role to guide you in how to build it.

Are You Ready?


Sproute is a digital marketing agency dedicated to providing quality holistic online marketing services, cultivated towards optimising your growth.

Having started in 2017, Sproute has developed our brand towards engaging customer care, attentive service delivery, and beautifully crafted online marketing content. Our founding partners, Jessica Seath and Kerry Burns, provide you with a balance of skills in marketing expertise, technical know-how, system development and coordination, written and visual content design, and wholesome brand development. Throughout our work, we value investing in flourishing client relationships, and aim to achieve top quality customer care in all our projects.

At our core, we value entrepreneurship, supporting women in business, and environmental empowerment. We use our brand to offer inspiration on each of these vital topics, as well as to supply you with information on the value of digital marketing within the contemporary world.  We believe in the incredible opportunities the online world offers brand cultivation and sustainable growth, with both our brand and our services being centered around ensuring your development reaches the peeks of its potential.



As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are in a unique position to offer you a marketing partner that understands business from the inside, bringing a strategic edge to your digital campaign. With our marketing ethos being centered on long-term sustainability, and a vision towards the future of your business, our challenge to you is to believe in your business enough, to commit to building an online presence aimed at developing long-lasting relationships, and planting the seeds for your tomorrow.

Sproute Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy refers to the development and implementation of strategies core to your online brand portfolio and its success.

Sproute Marketing

Website Development

Website Development

Website development refers to the creation of a website dedicated to a brand, its message, services, history, and, most importantly, its contact information.

Sproute Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to a brand’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Logo & Graphic Design

Logo & Graphic Design

Logo and graphic design may be as old as marketing itself, however it is still a core aspect of successful marketing.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid online advertising refers to the strategy of paying for ad space on various platforms, such as Google and Facebook.

Sproute Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing which focuses on sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content to audiences as a way to ensure these audiences receive more than direct marketing pitches from the brands they follow.



Because our approach ensures a holistic and integrated perspective, we offer our clients a range of services, tying together the various aspects of online marketing and developing a client-specific approach to each element of digital marketing.

“I value Kerry and Jessie’s heartfelt engagement with my content, their flexibility, honesty and a sense of pride and joy in what they do. I feel I’m working with a deeply human agency – in the best sense of those words.”

Silke Heiss, Give your writing the edge

“Brilliant service! They work within your budget. Very creative.”

Leanne Ferreira-Bredenkamp , Aquacello

“I recommend Sproute who has been a power house behind Water4CapeTown for the past year. Excellent in every way, I’m speaking from a 30+ year career in brand marketing vantage point. The very best to you and your team.”

Paulette Van Heerden, Water4CapeTown

“An absolutely brilliant team and company. Would highly recommend them.”

Megan Rigby, Plug In Theatre

“This team really knows what they are doing!”

Elise Burns-Hoffman, Burns-Hoffman Consulting

“As the Peace Centre, South Africa we have been working with Sproute for just about a month, and are over the moon at the service we are getting. They’re on the ball and it took them hardly any time to get on top of who we are and what we do, and post the most amazing stuff about our work.”

Usithandile Afika Ongie Badli, Peace Centre, South Africa

“Have done a great job for the Philippi Children’s Centre – check out their Facebook page.”

Jane Bodin, Philippi Children's Centre

Let’s Work Together


We believe in investing in flourishing entrepreneurship, not only for the value it has to offer the individual, but also in the creativity and sustenance is offers the community.

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