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Paid online advertising refers to the strategy of paying for ad space on various platforms, such as Google and Facebook. There are various methods in which one can use paid advertising, with the aim being to expand brand reach beyond its organic audience.

“When it comes to paid social media ads, Facebook dominates the market worldwide by accounting for more than 65% of the total ad spend.”

Paid Advertising

Why Paid Advertising?

Primarily, paying for advertising space is used as a growth strategy. In other words, it is not the core of your marketing campaign, but is used as a tool to maximise your marketing success.

96% of B2C marketers say that Facebook is a valuable marketing platform.

As a tool, paid advertising refines your marketing funnel towards sale conversion, web traffic, social media presence, and overall brand development, and it can be used in a cost-effective way! Paid advertising systems allow you set a daily and total budget, ensuring you never over-spend. Small budgets can make big differences to your online exposure, with many platforms working to make paid advertising accessible to both small and large businesses. Further, paid ads allow you to target specific demographics, meaning you can constantly increase your success through considering your most active audiences.

Our Service:

We encourage our clients to include paid advertising within their marketing budget, so as to optimise their social media and web traffic success. Sproute offers you the further service of coordinating your online marketing expenditure, ensuring this budget is put behind the right content, and targeting the right audience. Once you have set your budget, we roll-out the paid advertising content and targets!

Among B2B marketers LinkedIn has a slight edge, with 93% claiming it as the most valuable platform for their business.

We offer these services across Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and provide you with monthly feedback to ensure you can see the results of your online investment.

Paid Advertising

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