Social Media Is To Your Business What WIFI Is To The Internet

Social media marketing refers to a brand’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social media marketing platforms offer business persons, companies, NGOs, artists, and many more fantastic opportunities to promote their brand on the social platforms most popular among their existing and prospective audiences.

Social Media Management

A coordinated, refined and appealing online presence is essential to a brand’s ability to make an impact online. This includes producing content which is expertly constructed to attract existing and new audiences, understanding the content demands from each social media platform; fusing the needs of the brand, with those of its audiences, and each of its platforms; scheduling publication so as to ensure maximum exposure; and developing strategies to enhance content’s digital reach.

Sproute’s social media marketing service offers you authentic, professional and beautiful representation online. We work with your team to craft an online image that both ticks the boxes of the brand’s unique image, and those of optimal online results. Above all, we value your satisfaction with the implementation and development of your online presence, as it relates to the genuine aesthetic, tone, and mood of your brand. We resonate with the love and care with which one builds one’s projects, and our number one priority is ensuring such projects not only receive sophisticated social media marketing, but also marketing which stays true to your distinctive vision.


of internet users use social media to research and find products to buy. Only 19% say they are using social media to share details about their daily life.


of searchers will use their phone to help them make a decision about an in-store purchase.


0f consumers consider Facebook – along with retail websites – as the most common place to learn about new brands and products.

Social Media is essential for your brand

Social media is increasingly a non-negotiable for brands looking to achieve marketing success. Not only does social media provide a primary portal through which brands are legitimated, but these platforms further build the foundation for consumer and audience loyalty. With research showing that 71% of consumers are more likely to support a brand if they have a positive experience with the brand’s online presence, the contemporary age requires that businesses, organisations and individuals consider the need to have a strong social media presence as a pillar for their success.

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