It can be tempting to keep your marketing efforts in-house. It can seem like the most financially friendly and strategically direct way to tackle the branding aspect of your business. This is especially the case within smaller businesses, where lowering costs can be parallel to keeping the doors open.

However, one of two things tends to occur:

  1. The in-house person or team assigned with the task of digital marketing have this simply added to their list of duties, where they may have neither the time required, nor to specialised skills to run this essential aspect of the business.
  2. Digital marketing is pushed to the bottom of the priority list – something seen as optional, should time allow for attention to be given to it.

(Psssst: keep an eye out lower down for the BENEFITS of outsourcing your digital marketing, even if you do have a specialised person or team to man this front)

Before we delve into the details of this, we really need to say it again: digital marketing is the foundation of your long-term and sustainable marketing success. 

The digital era is aptly named, with the digital landscape exponentially expanding its reach.

And, as we know, it is success within marketing that keeps a business growing overtime. It is through marketing that revenue is increased, that new projects and expansion are made possible, and it is one of the major gateways for opportunity.

Because of the rapid pace of growth within the online world, it is no longer enough to be posting content at regular intervals, hoping that this will be enough to drive traffic to your desired location, whether that be your website or physical business address.


Online Success: What Is Required? 

A high-level strategy for both the story-telling aspect of who you are and how your clients see themselves within your business vision, as well as a technically skilled approach to the mechanics of digital marketing, is required in order for your brand to be noticed.

As many within the world of online marketing will tell you, while it may have never been easier to access marketing funnels, it has equally never been as difficult to stand out.

And so, you need a team behind you that knows how to:

  1. craft and present an enticing story,
  2. act from a holistic perspective, utilizing multiple mediums and platforms for communicating your message,
  3. achieve a sophisticated digital engineering approach,
  4. work with you and your team to develop quality, authentic, and impactful content, alongside knowing where to place such content in order to achieve the highest results possible, and
  5.  who can monitor and refine your success overtime, achieving a strong foundation and sustainable presence.

This is a fulltime job, and demands a team who has their finger on the pulse, constantly. 

How does outsourcing help me access a team like this?

You might think it is counter-intuitive, considering the hands-on approach required for a successful online marketing strategy, to then outsource this work.

We believe it is the complete opposite: that outsourcing not only saves you money, but it offers you an edge you would otherwise never be able to access, if using an in-house team.


Here’s why:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

By working with fellow entrepreneurs, you ensure that your marketing team does more then construct and maintain an effective strategy – the approach we take is that of a fellow business owner, promising:

  1. knowledge of the level of commitment required to run a successful business,
  2. an executive level understanding of strategy formation and problem-solving, and
  3. a personal history with constructing business vision and the story crafted around it.

What does this mean?

For starters, it means you have access to a team with real experience in the world of competitive business, ensuring a highly-skilled and pragmatic approach to business development, and the challenges that come with it.

It further means you have the support of a team who understands the very real pressures and constraints of running your own business, where this entrepreneurial knowledge and skill offers you more than an employee or contractor. Such a team offers you a partnership, working side-by-side in cultivating your next level of success.

Further, because there is a mutual understanding of the emotional investment each entrepreneur makes into their unique business venture, we know:

  1. the immense passion and drive invested into making your business the most successful version it can be, and
  2. how to craft your story in such a way that your passion and drive is translated across the digital marketing sphere.

This not only ensures you are working with a team who resonate with your love for your business, but who can hone that energy into creating an authentic presentation of who you are, thereby significantly increasing your ability to attract the ideal audience.  


Cross-Industry Perspective: 

Because outsourced teams work with multiple different businesses, all with unique positions in the market, we have a broad and dynamic understanding of the online arena. This ensures we have worked with a multitude of strategies, stories, audiences, and problems – offering a uniquely diverse skillset and knowledge base.

Alongside this, it means that we can quickly adapt and pivot to what each scenario requires from us, thinking outside-the-box and having the ability to respond efficiently to a range of situations.

Considering the constantly shifting world of online marketing, you want a team that is defined by their ability to adapt on the move – who can identify the need for change, and implement quick solutions successfully.



Okay, we know, this is all well and good, but let’s talk money.

We have just one question for you, to demonstrate the value of what you receive, when outsourcing your digital marketing efforts:

Considering all the skills, knowledge, and experience you gain from outsourcing your digital marketing, do you believe it would be possible to build the same calabre in-house team, for the cost that you would pay an outsourced team? 


To Summarise? 

When looking for the perfect fit for your business’ digital marketing team, here is a checklist for all the characteristics we feel will ensure you receive the highest standard of assistance possible. You want to have a team who:

  1. has their finger on the pulse of your marketing strategy,
  2. ensures high-level digital marketing expertise and experience,
  3. are equipped to craft a beautiful and attractive story for your business, designed to hook your ideal customer,
  4. understands the pressures of entrepreneurship, and will work with you in achieving sustainable long-term success, and
  5. is adaptive, and can identify when there is a need for change.

In one sentence, look for a team whose definition of success is cultivating your growth. 


P.S. Wondering if that might be Sproute? Drop us an email, and let’s get talking!